Sustainability Sustainability



Environment (planet) - Society (people) - Economy (profit)

There are 3 pillars of sustainability, and if any of the pillars are weak the rest will fall. Sustainability is the balance, the center of these 3 pillars, so we need all of those areas to flourish for sustainability to be visible in our daily lives.

So, what does sustainability mean? And most importantly what does sustainability means at YOKU? For us, it means the perfect balance between the 3 pillars. Meaning that when we approach a more sustainable life we should not look only at one area but we must take into account all of them.

We don't live in a 100% sustainable world, and being 100% sustainable isn't possible. Sustainability is about choosing the best option for our planet and society and pursuing it, while we'll keep improving together as a community. 



We source for fabrics that allow us to pursue our sustainability approach, without compromising the comfort and quality of our products. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be bland and boring and our apparels are proof of it.


Limited Collection

Forget the “fast-fashion”. Our collections are exquisite and limited with new products introduced year-round so you never run out of options to choose from.


Give Back Approach

Every single product with our label on it has a good impact on the environment. For every apparel we sell, we give something back to nature that benefits the world we live in.



The packaging we use for our products is 100% biodegradable and reusable. Purchase great-looking products without adding to the carbon footprint with Yoku.