Are our products ethically made?

Absolutely. At Yoku, we strive to foster a community that celebrates human empowerment. That’s why the factories we partner with for our manufacturing process strive to meet the highest standards for ethical labor rights. 

Not only do we take care of the environment but we also take care of the diverse community who work for us creating products that tread lightly on your conscience.

Our Factory Sustainability Objectives

Yoku products are designed in Italy and ethically made in India. Our partner factory is dedicated in spearheading improvements in sustainability by focusing on some key areas.

Reducing the environmental impact

Everything is done by keeping the environment in mind. This is why we strive to produce with the best standards.

Reducing the footprint

Our factories use high-efficiency supply chains that consume less energy reducing the footprint for every product we make.

Optimization of natural resources

We are aware that natural resources are finite and will run out if we are not careful which is why our factories are optimized to make the most of them efficiently.

Our factory is part of the sustainable apparel coalition

By becoming a member of the sustainable apparel coalition, we have strengthened our promise and commitment to the environment. Every factory which is a part of SAC uses the Higg Index to measure environmental and social impacts. The SAC also serves as an active sharing platform where like-minded individuals dedicated to sustainability can come together to collaborate and share knowledge. At Yoku, we build communities united on shared values and you can be a part of it.